About Us



Uniquely offers high-end and sophisticated cork fashion accessories that are entirely hand-made in Europe. This Houston-based company greatly values working with truly talented craftsmen and designers that focus on innovation, elegance, quality and functionality. We are proud to present unique cork accessories ranging from elegant handbags, stylish jewelry, comfortable footwear to a creative line of belts and wallets.

The founder of Uniquely lived in Portugal for many years and extensively traveled to other European countries. However, it was in Portugal that she developed her interest for an environmental approach to fashion. She then decided to devote her creativity to bringing this rare cork collection to the United States. We have created a unique niche within the competitive fashion market while also making an impact on the environment.
Uniquely continuously surprises clients with high-fashion designs solely made out of Portuguese premium cork and the incredible array of eye-catching products that can be produced from one single natural material. Thanks to the recognition of all our stores and clients, our business is growing all around the United States.


Are you ready to join us on this unique journey into the world of cork?