The Cork

Characteristics of the CORK

Cork is 100% natural, lightweight, durable, water-resistant, soft to touch, hypoallergenic, stain proof, easy to clean and ecological.

Cork finds its origin in the Cork Oaks (Quercus Suber), one of the most extraordinary trees in the world. They have a lifespan of over 200 years and are the only tree to develop a bark. Not only do they emit pure oxygen back into our atmosphere, but unique characteristics of this tree allow it to retain CO₂ and therefore positively impact the environment.


The Cork harvesting process

After the tree matures for 25 years, Cork Oaks are harvested by hand in cycles of 9 years. Unlike other forest products, Cork Oaks are NOT cut down to harvest the cork. The bark is then boiled and transformed into cork skin during a chemical-free process. The premium quality cork skin is carefully chosen and used in fashion much like any other fabric.


Interesting facts

  • The Mediterranean area has over 6 million acres of prime cork forest and this ecosystem is rich in fauna and flora. Portugal accounts for 70% of the world’s cork production with over 22% of the country’s forested land being fully grown Cork Oak trees.
  • Cork is a highly appreciated product in Europe and has been used in fashion for many years. Uniquely is proud to be reaching the fashion market of the United States.
  • Cork fashion accessories are timeless. They can be effortlessly combined with casual clothing or dressed up for a special occasion.
  • Due to its natural colors and elegant texture, cork can be used throughout any season of the year.